Need to Reform the Whole Power Sector of the State Nagaland: Kipili Sangtam

Minister for Power, C Kipili Sangtam, indicated that there was a need to reform the whole power sector of the state to enable steady power supply throughout the state.  Speaking at the inaugural programme of office building of electrical division, Chumukedima 27 Aug’17, called for an urgency to transform the power sector in Nagaland and expressed happiness to learn that officers were ready to bring change in this sector for the benefit of the people. Sangtam while pointing out Dimapur and Chumukedima as the 2 imp commercial zones for the state power department, said reformation of the department should start from Chumukedima & Dimapur. Though many projects for power generation and distribution have been pending due to poor budgetary allocations, he said. As per the sectoral outlays for annual plan of various dept’s in the state for the last few years, Kipili regretted that the share of power department was not coming in the top 10 list even though dept of power has been regarded as a major dept and has the responsibility to serve the people. He claimed that it was now time to give special attention to power sector because power was related to industrial, social and economic development. He assured not to leave any stone unturned to give a boost to the vibrant sector. Sangtam also requested the officials of the dept to play their part and show utmost sincerity, dedication in starting the reformation process so that the people of Nagaland including even those in the remote corner of the state enjoy good quality power supply.