‘National Workshop on Electrical Safety’

Electricity has become an integral as well as most essential part of human life and its safety needs complete attention in every aspect as it touches all sphere of our day to day life. The ever-increasing need of enhanced productivity, increasing access, efficiency and comfort/convenience has made its usage intense in terms of quality/quantity/ form and most importantly its SAFE USAGE. Though Government of India has accorded high importance to electrical safety, but unfortunately poor practices, improper or weak installations, undersized and inferior quality of wires in the buildings have resulted in an increasing number of electrical accidents every year. It has been found that electrical faults accounted to nearly 56% of Fire incidents, which was due to short circuit, leading to loss of precious lives and properties..
Chief Electrical Inspectorate Division of CEA jointly with International Copper Association India (ICAI) was  arranged a National Workshop on Electrical Safety on 19thApril, 2018 at Jacaranda Hall, Indian Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. ICA India along with the Electrical Inspectorate Division of CEA aims to reduce the number of electrical accidents by enforcing rules, providing advice on good working practices, and developing guidance in response to technical changes in equipment and working methods. The workshop will highlight information and knowledge on international experience, standards, various electrical practices, availability of new technologies to reduce risks.
The speaker during the event share his ideas how to reduce the number of electrical incidences taking place now days. While talking to Mr. Sanjeev Ranjan the Managing Director (MD) of International Copper Association India.
He shared his best practices of his ideas and role which have he gained in more than 28 years of cross functional experience in related domains like manufacturing, mining and metals, oil and gas, energy and infrastructure. 
He also shared his views on the key hurdles and the main points to remember for Electricals Safety in an interaction with us.
India is densely populated, state like Bihar, Karnataka have never been shows any of such electrical incidence and until and unless no such reports been analytical, and this thing is not possible. If we looked upon the reported data reportedly published is that everyday 20 to 30 people died in electrical incident.
In the end of the day the reason is electrical short circuits.
When making the policy you know what these people can expect from you, more or less what very one want in a same way and now in second stage is for improvisations, Implementation cannot be done without .
What government support are you getting to stop such incident?
Yes we are getting good, this event has been organized pan India with a participation of authorities to get people ware about the electrical safety.
Bring up the new changes to that the acceptance of the new ideas is also the other task to make people aware of these ideas.
Do you think so that to report or to stop such incident is little bit a difficult today in India?
No, nothing is difficult unless the people who dare to change. 
We have to set up the right platform here are connecting the dots our organization is nothing is impossible
He also describe the how the just dail application is usefull in this, how we can use this platform and can get information on the available. 
You can search the electrician person with their complete information about that person whom you calling that this person had gone with complete standardized training program.
At initially this facility was free of cost launched through the agreement with just dial App, now people are taking annual subscription.
We every year we gave 2 to 3 standard training in tier 2 and tier 3 cites for electrician. People are accepting to earn more.
So at this platform people reached out from utility, electrical contractor, and information on electrical safety.
What message you like to share with our readers?
I must say that security is the important factor of day to day life style. Keeping this in mind, many companies like Schneider Electric RR Cables have such electrical safety products.